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HUBNORDIC — Making Room for Human Potential

We believe that job satisfaction is not just about décor, comfortable meeting rooms and nourishing lunch plans. Thriving in what you do comes down to tapping into energy and intimacy in an inspirational, professional setting at HUBNORDIC

HUBNORDIC in Copenhagen unites businesses and people from diverse industries in the same, dynamic community. This means you and your company will have access to like-minded thinkers, potential collaborators and inspiring neighbours at the HUBNORDIC offices in Copenhagen — at the best location in the Nordic region.

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HUBNORDIC i Ørestad City

Putting Your People Where They Want to Be

HUBNORDIC consists of three large office blocks in the centre of Ørestad City in Copenhagen: an international business hub with smooth and swift connections to Denmark, Scandinavia and the rest of the world. 

The new way of renting offices.

It’s an ideal location for international companies seeking a bridgehead in Scandinavia, and for Danish companies looking for the countless advantages that large-scale, flexible offices can offer. Whether you have two or 500 employees, you’ll feel right at home at the modern offices at HUBNORDIC.

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HUBNORDIC i Ørestad City erhvervslejemål

The Most Ambitious Business Office in Scandinavia

Looking for an attractive location in Copenhagen? Welcome to our new 65,000-m² complex with offices, a café, a food court, shops, a gym and a health centre on Kay Fiskers Plads in the centre of Ørestad City in Copenhagen. A vibrant commercial centre at the core of a highly attractive location.

The metro, trains and the motorway network are literally just around the corner, while all of Copenhagen’s attractions as well as the unique local countryside are just a few minutes away from the office. An all encompassing location for your new office in Copenhagen.

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Træning og fitness i Ørestad City
Gain More Energy at Work with HUBNORDIC

Who wouldn’t want to work in a place that charges our batteries every day? We seek an environment which nourishes us with the energy we need to perform our best throughout the day. We could provide you with your new rental office space in Copenhagen.

These are fundamental aspects of a fulfilling working life — and HUBNORDIC knows that. That’s why we offer you an extensive range of facilities and services which prioritize your wellness and wellbeing in the HUBNORDIC hub. Release shoulder tension with a calming massage, or order room service to snack on delicious, fresh and healthy food throughout the day in our canteen.

The gym facilities are open around the clock, so you can use them in the morning, during a break or before heading home from the office. Work out by yourself or hit that spin class with your colleagues at the HUBNORDIC office space.

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Amager Fælled
HUBNORDIC: Environment and Sustainability

At HUBNORDIC, our goal is to make a difference. How we care about the climate and our environment is very much a part of that.

We believe that collaboration fosters meaningful change, which is why we invite our community of companies at HUBNORDIC to contribute to green projects. These cover everything from promoting energy efficiency to making day-to-day recycling an effortless part of how your company works.

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